General information

  • The founder of the Journal is National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the person of the Institute of Thermoelectricity.
  • The Journal was intended as a specialized edition that concentrates the information on thermoelectricity, is convenient to the readers and provides high-quality reviewing of the articles.
  • The Institute of Thermoelectricity acts as a publisher of the Journal. The International Thermoelectric Academy, whose members are the part of the international editorial board, take active part in the activities of the Journal.
  • The basic language of the Journal is English. It is also published in Russian and Ukrainian locally.
  • Since 1993 the Journal is issued four times a year. During this period of time the Journal has gained higher popularity: it is widely read in 40 countries. The volume of the Journal is 100 pages of A4 format.
  • The reviewers of the Journal are the highly-proficient specialists in Thermoelectricity, the majority of whom are the members of International Thermoelectric Academy.
  • The total amount of Journals issued up to 2012 is 77.