What can be published in the Journal

The Journal of Thermoelectricity covers the results
of both fundamental and applied research
and developments on the following basic trends.

  • General problems: prospects in thermoelectricity, economic analysis, reviews, historical background.
  • Theories of: thermoelectric effects, thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric energy converters, thermoelectric devices and units.
  • Materials cience: properties of thermoelectric materials, methods of material design, methods of improvement of theproperties of materials.
  • Technologies of: thermoelectric materials, energy converters (modules), thermoelectric devices.
  • Design: methods of energy converters (modules) design, methods of designof thermoelectric devices, computermethods ofdesignin thermoelectricity, results of designof thermoelectric devices.
  • Metrology and standardization: methods ofand equipment for determination of properties of thermoelectric materials, methods ofand equipment for determination of properties of thermoelectric energy converters (modules), methods ofand equipment for testing of thermoelectric devices; standards in thermoelectricity.
  • Reliability: theory of reliability of thermoelectric elements and systems, methods ofreliability tests and their results.
  • Thermoelectric devices: cooling modules, generator modules, thermoelectric refrigerators, thermostats and conditioners, thermoelectric devices of measuring equipment, other thermoelectric devices.
  • Discussions on the materials published in the Journal or other publications.
  • Other topics related to thermoelectricity.
  • News: persons;conferences, seminars, exhibitions reviews; new books and collections, theses; information from the International Thermoelectric Academy, thermoelectric organizations presentations; training of specialists in thermoelectricity; advertising.